Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yep. It's another running blog.

Like many, many other blogs, the owner/curator of this blog had grand ambitions of regularly updating it, flooding it with interesting and intriguing content, or at least generally paying attention to it. Then a baby was born, a job changed, and the family moved 700 miles. Running took a back seat to everything else, and without running, there couldn't be much of a running blog. Finally, life has calmed down, and slowly (ever so slowly), the running has returned, and the will to once again give blogging my ever running life a chance has returned.

I'm but a shadow of the runner I was six months ago when I could crank out 15 7:20 miles and call it a "steady, long run." Before the move I had three miles of flat, paved walking/running/bike path to cruise not half a mile from my front porch. Now my house is about 500 ft. in elevation from the peak of the mountain on which is resides, and the road just never seems to be flat. Also, Summer is here, but I'm not here to make any more excuses.

I don't have a firm event on the calendar, just a few under consideration. I don't know what all the next few months or years have for me as far as running goes, but I do know that I honestly hope to chronicle it here.

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